The Story

Awake Africa Scotland is a show that will highlight the real world issues many African women face every day. But the show is also about celebrating the women who made history by leading a combined fight against the South African Apartheid Government.

The show will tell the story of the unfortunate situations of abuse, prostitution, and human trafficking.  And the many resulting diseases including HIV/AIDS and other STD’s.  The show will further highlight the disparate lives of poor women living in rural areas, taking care of their children, while their city-dwelling men enjoy a much different lifestyle.

Many more women are  abused by their partners, abused at work, and in their communities. Many are being beaten to death, sexually abused, and must deal with the sexual abuse of their children in their own homes. Due to the beliefs of many African societies, young girls are still not allowed to be educated.

This show is a way to bring awareness and celebration of the women of Africa, and women around the world. We will also have available after the show, information on available cancer prevention and screening options available, as well as ways for these women to remain as safe as possible in their environments.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this show is to raise awareness for women’s issues worldwide. We are seeking assistance and sponsorship from organizations that specialize in women’s issues. We want to spread a positive message of hope.

Our plan is to visit hospitals, sing for them, give them hope. During the show, in every theatre seat there will be fliers. The fliers will include information on how women can obtain assistance.

All the songs and music in the show will have a message of hope, appreciation. We want women to realize they can control their own destiny. Our music will include covers from artists around the world.

We would like to give the opportunity to Africans living in Scotland and across the UK, to come and be a part of this powerful message, acted out on stage.  Please register to audition. More information will be announced soon.

Have you ever thought of performing in the Edinburgh Festival? Are you an upcoming actor or actress, looking to perform on stage? The Edinburgh Festival is the place to make your dreams come true. Come be a part of Awake Africa Scotland!

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