Executive Producer

Fraser Ramsay is a local Edinburgh business owner. He has been running his own cleaning business for the last seven years. Fraser has also organised several events in the past and has performed in the Edinburgh Festival in 1997 & 1998; with Cutting Edge Theatre Company. Fraser met and befriended the Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir during their time performing at the Edinburgh Festival.

Producer – Head of Writing Team and Book Creator

Altovise Pelzer, CLC is the author of a series of self-help books for businesses, women and families and the CEO of Define Your Voice Academy. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Altovise at an early age developed a love of writing that would get her through many difficult situations. What she didn’t know, was that writing would create an opportunity to advocate for those who feel as though they have lost their voice because of their past.

Altovise is passionate about motivating women and youth through speaking, her holiday anti-bullying youth initiative #GiftsForChange and in the pages of her books. She finds inspiration for her book series and conference topics from life experiences such as the molestation of her two daughters, fighting homelessness, the loss of her mother and battling with keeping the secret of her own molestation. She encourages both women and youth to #KeepPRESSing in all circumstances.



Assistant Producer Overseer

 From the time she was a child, Wambui Bahati, has enjoyed entertaining others. As an adult and a survivor of mental illness and domestic abuse, she has combined the wisdom and strategies that helped her reclaim her health, happiness and peace, with her gifts as a performing artist. This has allowed her to inspire and motivate thousands of people in powerful and unique ways.

Don’t let her youthful looks and boundless energy fool you! This captivating woman presents with over forty-five years of professional theatre and public speaking experience, spanning a wide range of venues, audiences, and cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.
She began her formal theatrical studies at the New York University School of the Arts (The School was later renamed the Tisch School of the Arts.) and made her professional theatrical debut in Godspell at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. She went on to perform in the Broadway productions of Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar. Her original Actor’s Equity (actor’s union) name was John-Ann Washington.

Wambui’s regional and touring credits include starring roles in The Magic Show, Joseph Papp’s rock version of Two Gentlemen of Verona, Little Ham, Nunsense, Don’t Bother Me: I Can’t Cope, Gone With the Wind –the musical, The Wiz and Crowns.

Wambui wrote, produced and stars in the one-woman musical, Balancing Act  [about her journey through mental illness] and the play, I Am Domestic Violence. Both of these shows have received international acclaim for the unique way that they provide outstanding entertainment while dealing with important issues in our communities.

Wambui possesses the uncanny ability to create custom shows and presentations based on a specific theme or topic. She has written and performed these custom presentations for organisations such as NOW (National Organization for Women), Habitat for Humanity, and the Carter Center.

Some of her awards include a Woman of Achievement Award from the Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women, a Belle Ringer Image Award from Bennett College, the Lionel Aldridge Award (a national honor recognizing individuals who provide extraordinary service and courage on behalf of people with mental illnesses), the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, North Carolina’s President’s Award, and a proclamation from the mayor of the city of Toledo, Ohio.

This native North Carolinian currently resides in New York City and is a proud and spirited mother and grandmother.

Wambui is the author of the highly acclaimed, tell-all, autobiographical empowerment book, ‘You Don’t Know Crazy – My Life Before, During, After, Above and Beyond Mental Illness’,

Other books include:
‘Domestic Violence and Relationship Abuse Awareness and Prevention for College Women – A Reminder’,
‘They Are Not Going To Save Us’

Her passion: “Reminding You of Your Magnificence.”

Creative Writing Team – Book Creator and Exit Strategist – For Violence Against Women

Dorothea “Thea” Robinson, a mother of 6 children. Thea has a passion for giving the best of herself to anyone who may need her. Loves to cook gourmet meals and has a great fondness for travelling. Because education is so very imperative to Thea. She has homeschooled all her children including her youngest son.

Thea married her high school sweetheart at an early age. Not letting anyone know what was happening behind closed doors did she live a life of total chaos. She prayed until she learned what God said about her, did she realise she had the power to get out of the house. A plan put into action, she was able to manage to leave the dysfunction and live. She rose above what was laid before her and sought God for direction. She freed herself through the Word of God!

Thea is committed and passionate in assisting those who must learn to give themselves the BEST CARE POSSIBLE. It’s Possible 2 Do!!! To encourage those that need encouragement, coach those who seek help to finally become free from a life of dysfunction and abuse.

Author, life coach as well as the founder of The Butterfly Experience – 1more Butterfly Freed support group. Thea also is the Director for Virginia and Delaware with the Wealthy Sister’s Network

Assisting and encouraging millions of those who are being abused, in the task of becoming free from Domestic Violence. Helping women to believe in their freedom. Freedom, It’s Possible 2 Do!! Everything is possible to do!!!……




Exit Strategist Director – For violence against women 

Tammy Francis Donaldson, PhD.

Dr Tammy, also known as The Success Catalyst, is a success strategist, published author, literacy educator, transformational speaker, wife, and mother. As an educator, Dr Tammy taught 10 years in the secondary classroom teaching reading, English, and English language arts in the United States. She earned a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy.  Currently, Dr Tammy is an Assistant Professor of Reading and Faculty Coordinator of Developmental Education in Texas, USA where she teaches developmental reading and integrated reading and writing courses. She also teaches content area reading course for undergraduate and graduate education majors.  

Dr Tammy is also the founder of the online global reading community, Women Aspiring for More, on Facebook that is committed to helping women become more self-aware and invest in their personal and professional development through literature. Dr Tammy helps women who are stuck or lack the knowledge to move to explore the self and rethink what they know to get to a place of learning and prepare for what’s next.  The Catalyst that inspires women to aspire for more starting with self-awareness, meaningful connections, and self-development; thus ultimately, helping women discover or uncover how to use their passion and their gift to serve others (their purpose).  Dr Tammy’s passion is to help women discover theirs, spark a reaction that precipitates change.

Travel Director 

Carmen King Born in U.S Virgin Islands, St. Croix and raised in Brooklyn, NY is the owner of King Miracle Travels and your Professional, Personal, Independent Travel Consultant. She is a upcoming Author and rising Speaker. She has been a clergy for over 20 years at Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral under the Leadership of Bishop ERIC GARNES and his Wife Lady Delicia Garnes in Brooklyn, NY.  Carmen is also the founder of an amazing Prayer Call and Community called THE MIRACULOUS POWER OF PRAYER ( prayer is on Wednesdays.
On December, 2012 assaulted and  injured on her Job, this changed the course of her life. Diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome and Physically now unable to return to work due to her injuries, Carmen Press day to day with the struggles in her body. She decided to conquer the odds that are set before her with her faith and trust in God. In the Midst of it all King Miracle Travels was Born as she accepted the opportunity to connect with the Travel NetWork Surge365..
She is excited and ready to Empower, Inspire, Support and be a Blessing in the lives God has called her to connect and impact…

Public Relations Director

Jenny Allen is an author, motivational speaker and a successful London-based Christian blogger with a passion for writing and encouraging women through the gifts that God has given her.

She has successfully worked within primary school education for over twenty years and has a BA degree in Management from the Birkbeck College University of London and a post-graduate Diploma in School Business Management.

Jenny is a Certified Life and International  Coach with Life Strategies Now, an international coaching academy based in the state of Georgia, USA.

Over the past 5 years, she has worked in a voluntary capacity with the homelessness, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and women who have lived a life of prostitution.

Her goal is for God to use her to build courage, confidence and self-esteem into the hearts of women who through life’s circumstances have lost their zeal and passion for making their dreams and vision becoming a reality.


Associate Blogger and Stage Management

Anna Donofrio Rounseville

Cast in The Choruses of Mynderse Academy High School Spring Musical Freshman year Fiddler on The Roof, Sophomore year Anything Goes, the Senior year The King and I. Was the youngest member at the time of the Presbyterian church choir. My favourite Chorus teacher Mr Avery discovered that at 14 I had a three-octave range. I competed in NYSSMA doing solos winning awards. Played Tympani from Middle School through High School, carried cymbals for the marching Band until Sr Year when I was honored to be chosen as Drum Majorette. Was so busy during High School I didn’t even Know kids partied. No. Idea. My only Kryptonite was I could not read music. I played Tympani by ear and Memorised every single song I performed. So yeah Sight Reading = Torture, other than that High school was Amazing. Especially contrasted to the years before Middle school that were decidedly difficult. As a child, my Parent’s marriage blew up after years of living off my mother’s mental illness. Because everyone else in the family was also going through their own struggles no one could take me and my little brother. So we lived in a foster home where I was subsequently sexually abused by the foster father there. Yup. Oh yeah, and I repressed all that for 5 years when after the trauma of almost dying of a burst abscessed appendix I remembered full on what had happened to me, which is why I wasn’t in the musical that Jr. Year of High school I was in the hospital recovering for a while after all that. After a lot of work, I caught up to my peers and was able to graduate on time the next year.

     In College, I was a double major of Broadcast Communications and Theatre. As an Acting Emphasis major, I auditioned for EVERYTHING but was cast in very little. Soooooo I had a lot of time to give to the department by Stage Managing and Assistant Stage Managing lots of plays. In fact, my first job ever was on Stage Crew for the S.U.N.Y. Brockport summer production of Anything Goes. My Favorite show we did was Cyrano De Bergerac which was the Largest set the college had ever done at the time. Huge cast. I was able to be the one who designed the display in the lobby for the show using actual old props from the show’s rehearsals. I was the one that took every thorn off of every rose for every show to protect our Cyrano (my adviser) from being skewered during the balcony scene. 6 Dozen roses in all for the performances. I don’t think he ever knew it was me who did that. Love that. (I still have a section of the balcony scene pinned to my bulletin board at home.). Junior year of college I studied Theatre in London Spring semester 1990. Through the S.U.N.Y. Oswego London Program. So I got credit for going to watch shows in London and writing about them after. It was there that I had my International Debut, in London. In addition to my studies, I was cast in two plays. One we didn’t get to perform due to space constraints, the other I did perform in and I won an award from the host college Drama club. Also in college in addition to my studies, and other committees/activities, I was also in the African dance troupe called Sankofa.
     After College, I was a Non-Equity Assistant Stage Manager for the areas only Equity theatre (read: Intern). The Main show I did was Mount Allegro the play created from Jerre Mangione’s memoir. (If the name sounds familiar, yes, he was Gap’s Uncle.) Beautiful Huge 2 story set was the interior of Jerre’s childhood home. The Biggest set that theater had done at the time ever. As a prop-heavy show, it was also a food prop-heavy show because the family were Sicilian Immigrants and a lot of the stage business had to do with food prep. So who brought the food to the theatre? You guessed it. The Intern. A lovely part of my week was picking up the St. Joseph’s bread and little cookies from this authentic Italian bakery. The work was hard, the hours long and I was a newlywed who had to miss my own Father’s wedding because I had to be there for the show. Theater people know the sacrifices are real. My Artistic Director asked if I was having fun, I told him I was willing to work through my contract, he said: “But, are you having fun?” For the first time in my life I wasn’t, so after that discussion and after doing a prompt script for Christmas Carol, he kindly released me from my contract. Not fired, but he freed me from my contract so that I wouldn’t be burnt out for the rest of my life and never walk back in a theatre again. A Wise and Kind man. I have done shows since where I was the Stage Manager for our Talent show at church and then was cast in a show that was well received. The kicker for that was when members of the church audience asked if I considered studying theater, facepalm.
     Recently I have been able to learn online from a lovely community of Livestreamers most of us met on a little now defunct site known as Blab. I consider myself to be a support person aiding the shows and helping them to run smoothly by dropping links to inform the audience on specific topics the speakers are working on (for the shows that enjoy that interaction) and by being an active participant in the chat.It combines the two passions the best of Broadcasting and the immediacy of audience interaction/improv. Remember the key to improv is “Yes, and?”. Also, I was chosen recently to be one of 100 Social Media Warriors to help Chef Nick Stellino get the word out about his new show on Create TV called “Nick Stelllino, Storyteller in the Kitchen” that debuted in the Spring. This year I hope to graduate our middle child who has ADHD and prob Dyslexia from our Homeschooling High School, this is the second child we’ve gotten through Homeschool. Our first who’s Gifted with a touch of Dyscalculia we had from 7th grade through Sr. Year as a Homeschooler. My youngest is in Public School as he is on the Autism spectrum with Mild High Functioning Autism, ADHD, and a learning disability that might be Dyslexia. They are very good at structure, and he is thriving in his current environment there. Also on the home front, my husband and I celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary this year.

Social Media Director.

Thecia Jenkins

For over twenty years Thecia Jenkins has partnered with non-profits, victim service programs, associations and leaders to improve their workplace and personal performance as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach.  

She is the former human resource and community outreach director for the fifth largest crisis centre in Texas serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  Her training background includes developing programs for victim services, public transportation, law enforcement, associations and colleges.   

Thecia has trained over 5,000 law enforcement, healthcare, education, engineering and legal professionals on the topics of domestic and sexual violence, emotional intelligence, cultural competence, public speaking, conflict resolution, and communication.  She is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University and holds certifications in Diversity, Mediation, DiSC and coaching.   She provides consultation to universities and colleges on compliance with intervention and prevention programming in compliance with the Campus Save Act, legislation enacted to intervene and prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and hate crimes on college/university campuses in 2015.

She currently is working with the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council as Victim Advocate to connect survivors of domestic violence with support services.  This is a pilot project to with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, Texas.  

She is a past member of the Texas Primary Prevention Committee to develop programs and policy on sexual violence prevention and also is a contributing writer and founding member of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault – Diversity Committee.  

She has spoken on a national basis to law enforcement and healthcare providers to train on working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Ministerial and African Support Director


Tom is currently the Minister of St Nicholas Church, Sighthill, Edinburgh. Tom has been a servant to many parts of Edinburgh, even worked for West Pilton Mission, which was part of Edinburgh City mission. He has lived in Edinburgh with his wife Winifred,for the best part of 20yrs who are both from Uganda,  and his 3 children,who were born in Scotland.  Tom has been agreed to come on the team as a more official role.

Set Design Director

Jessica Stone is the Founder of Persona Abode Interiors, a London-based interior design company specialising in eco-friendly and mindful spaces. Understanding the importance of helping those in need, Persona Abode actively seeks to support companies that give back to communities worldwide. 
As a child, Jessica witnessed domestic violence, so was all too aware of the psychological scars that are left behind. Her scars were deepened further when she experienced domestic violence in her own relationship. After leaving that relationship some years later, Jessica relocated to London with her 2 young children and rebuild her life.
Jessica tapped into her creative passion of interior design knowing how important it is to have a safe home to raise a family. Jessica’s interests lie in many of the arts, including the dramatics of performance after being inspired by Puccini Madam Butterfly and Sadlers Wells’ production of Fela!

Head of Music and Stage Management


I am Dedra Manigault, owner and CEO of The_Heart_Matters which you can find on Facebook. I help young woman uncover a life without a voice due to Molestation, Date Rape, Domestic Violence (Gaslighting), Brokeness due to the loss of loved ones who have transitioned from this world and the devastation of losing your family and friends. When your voice is silenced, life becomes stagnant. Uncovering the most broken areas of their lives creates a young woman who can become people pleasers. This has been my experience. I was the evolution of the young woman who wanted to please everyone and desired to be loved. I am a writer of an upcoming book called “Not On My Watch … Finding My Strength”. It depicts my life of a voice loss through Molestation. I am a Motivational Speaker and Advocate for Women Against Domestic Violence. I am also a Prayer Intercessor with the 24 Hour Worship and Prayer Encounter on Facebook and Periscope. A life Worshipping and Praising God is the foundation to start my day no matter what challenges I face. I am a part of AwakeAfricaScotland in the Music Division. Helping to create music for anyone who has lived life with the odds stacked against them and coming out on the other side a new and unstoppable.

Ambassador and Music Coordinator.

Loretta Smail is a wife, mother, speaker, recording artist, worshipper, songwriter and blogger. She has been married 25 years and has two children. Loretta has a remarkable story of the healing power of God.

When Loretta was 15 years old, she faced a trauma that no child should ever experience.  As a result of years of domestic violence, her mother was killed in a murder-suicide.  She, along with her two siblings witnessed the tragedy of her step-father shooting her mother. Loretta tells the story of holding her mother as she bled and died.

The trauma Loretta witnessed that day produced a scene in her mind that would not go away. It began to form her life into something she did not want to be.  Abandonment, fear, nightmares, and thoughts of suicide consumed her life.  She had difficulty trusting and looking people in the eyes, especially men. This life altering experience put her in a state of hopelessness and depression for many years medicating with sleeping pills to take the pain away.

In her life-changing story, she tells how God brought her out of hopelessness into recovery. She has a very practical approach and tells how these steps led her into purpose.

Loretta attended Rhema Bible Training Centre, and Victory Bible College School of Worship. Loretta has been on many TV programs including Cornerstone TV, Victory TV in Tulsa, and the Deborah Sweetin Program sharing her story of hope. She is currently putting together her own talk show interviewing people that have overcome tremendous challenges by the power of God. She has also been a guest speaker for an event building a home for abused woman in Guatemala.

Loretta ministers God’s healing power and releases prophetic worship. Recently at a retreat, there were testimonies of healing from Parkinson’s disease, head trauma, back and knee pain, and welts disappearing. She has witnessed her own daughter being healed of epilepsy. Testimonies have come in of ears opening and people are receiving peace and emotional healing as she sings.

It has been an extraordinary journey of healing and restoration. Loretta describes herself as once being a shy girl who had difficulty looking people in the eyes, who was once scared of everything.  God has put a determination in her heart to LIVE.   She shares that God created all of us with a special purpose and it is possible to come out of painful situations. She describes walking in her purpose as truly living for the first time!  God has transformed her life and her desire is to see others free, as Christ has made her free.

Her CD, We Will Stand is available now on iTunes. She is currently recording a healing album. You can watch her full testimony at


Music Coordinator.

Brent Mann was born in a small coal mining town in Bienfait Saskatchewan Canada. Brent is married to his wife Princess Dora and now resides in South West Florida. Brent started singing the same time he put on his first pair of hockey ice skates at the young age of 3. Brent’s Mother used to play the piano and sing to the Family as did his Father. As a young Boy Brent would sing along at the top of his lungs with his Mom & Dad in church during praise and worship. In 3rd grade Brent performed his first on stage song ” The Lion Sleeps Tonight “as a duet with his good friend John. The boys received a standing ovation from the audience and that sparked Brent’s singing career. In 7th …8th and 9th grade Brent was one of only a hand full of male tenors to be chosen to sing with the Saskatchewan Canada Honor Choir. Brent achieved 1st place in every music festival he entered in as a Male Tenor Vocalist. In 12th Grade Brent played the lead role as Conrad Birdie in the Musical ” Bye – Bye Birdie ” to a jam packed house every night. Brent’s love for performing music continued as a country band drummer / singer until he  was asked at the age of 16 to be the Lead singer for the Band ” Midnight Response “. The Band dissolved as the other members went off to College and University. Brent continued with his singing and song writing at Weddings, Anniversaries and Funerals. The two most difficult times of having to sing was for his late dear Father and Mother’s funerals. ( May they continue to Rest  in Peace ) Brent had also played the  drums and lead in the Worship Band at a Church in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada. Brent has always been very active in sports throughout his life from playing ice hockey at a competitive level to racing  moto – cross dirt bikes finishing his career at a professional level.

As mentioned Brent is married to his beautiful African Princess Dora who is an ordained Minister. Dora was born and raised in GhanaWest Africa and has 2 children.Brent has one Beautiful daughter Megan who lives in Canada. Brent enjoys swimming in the Gulf of Mexico which helps to exercise his body and lungs keeping him in shape as well as playing ice hockey in sunny Florida.
Brent finished 1st place in the over 21 Reach For The Stars Contest in 2012 Florida
Brent finished in the Top 10 Male Country Talent Quest competition Florida
Brent made it to the Semi Finals in Season one at the X-Factor 2012 auditions in Miami performing for Simon Cowel
Grammy Award-winning record executive, songwriter, and record producer L.A. Reid, former UK X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, and Cowell’s former American Idol colleague Paula Abdul and a crowd of 5,000+ people. Brent is a signed artist with Veca Records Tampa Florida. On 04/24/15 Brent released his debut Inspirational Country 11 song  Record / CD….” God Sees Big “…Brent’s song ” He’s Still Making Miracles ” Hit #47 in the Top 100 of the Country Gospel Charts in the Christian Voice Magazine and in the same month of April 2016 the song Hit #64 in the Top 100 of the Southern Gospel CVM Charts… ..Brent loves to be able to sing and minister to the people throughout the World in the gift of song wherever and whenever possible.One of Brent’s favorite quotes is… See It…Dream It…. Believe It…Take Action On It…and You Will Achieve It…By : Brent Mann !!! See You @ The Mic On The Big Stage!!!….God Bless, Respectfully, Brent Mann ” International Country Gospel Recording Artist / Model / Actor / Tampa Florida ”


Music Coordinator 

Janet Gale singer/ songwriter and nurse for 20 years. I am getting my bachelor’s in business at Southwestern Christian University. I connected with Patty McCall as her Secretary for the PAIN Foundation and helping with her website and books as well as songs for the prevention of abuse. Originally from Kansas City, Mo. I came to Tulsa to go to bible school and learn more about God. Since then,



Bheki “Urban” Nene has a honey coated soulful voice, a touch of R&B, Afro-pop, jazz and gospel.. “Lawrance Matshiza (renowned South African Producer and hit-maker).  Bheki’s unique selling point and what sets him apart from his contemporaries is his depth and versatility. He captures the spirit of old school music legends yet he just as competently delivers the tempo of his pop contemporaries. His sound is best defined as refined and he is without doubt one of the sparkling gems in South Africa’s musical land scape. Jazz, soul, gospel, pop and African melodies, Bheki delivers them all in a breath-taking manner.

Bheki, a singer and songwriter, was born in Soweto and currently resides in Johannesburg. He has backed live performances by Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Beyonce, Celin Dion, Bebe Deborah Cox, Anastasia, Corinne Bally, Peter Gabrielle, U2, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis, Will Smith and many more.

He is also one of the founding/lead vocalists for Multi Award winning two time Grammy award winner Soweto Gospel Choir. He has subsequently left the Soweto Gospel Choir using his talents to direct and choreograph the Award winning Tshwane Gospel Choir, a unit formed in 2010 and destined for global acclaim.

Director of Merchandise

Shannon Griffin

I am the co-founder of 4Humanitees, an online T-shirt brand that designs and creates socially conscious t-shirts the spark social change and provides a platform for your inner activist to be seen and heard. Through 4Humanitees, we use our social platform to promote the message of to restoring humanity through fashion and helping non-profits raise funds through t-shirt fundraising campaigns. With a Baccalaureate degree in social work and current manager of a non-profit program in the bay area, I provide supportive service to low-income families that help them out of poverty. With over 25 years serving the community in the nonprofit sector and over 30 years as a Strategic Life Coach, I help individuals realise that they are the experts of change in their lives.

On November 13, 2015, I was diagnosed with triple negative invasive breast cancer and became the expert in my life. After being diagnosed with the big “C” felt like I was on the set of a movie and the camera lens zoomed in on me.  Everything got dark around me and an imaginary light shined down like I was in an interrogation room. At the moment it was all about me and I didn’t like it.  Immediately, you think about your life and how much time you have. Suddenly, there’s was silence and the noise around me was muffled out like I was under water and only my thoughts could be heard.  It’s just you, cancer and your thoughts and you start thinking that life as you know it is over.

After I snapped out of it, I sought refuge in my faith to triumph over this cancer and live my purpose.  I was destined to help others make it through the fog by speaking my message of faith and writing a book titled “The Triumph 7 ways to conquer chemo and live your life.” Where I share my experience on how to conquer chemo and live your life.  In the beginning, you’ll be on an emotional roller-coaster as your hair is falling out right in front of you. Asking “why me” will fog your brain, so prepare yourself for the days when you just won’t feel your best because the person you see in the mirror is unfamiliar to you. You need to remember your “why” and that is to share with others their purpose in life and how they can be a champion and conquer chemo and take back their life.


Creative Writing and Script Producer

Lorrie McKnight is a creative writer who first started writing poetry at the age of 14.  As she got older she started to write inspirational poetry to show her love for God. Originally Lorrie never had any intention to share any of her writings she just wanted to encourage herself. Then one day God revealed to her that she had a gift to inspire people and she needed to share her gift with others. Over the years Lorrie has enter poetry contest and perform her poetry at various venues. Then one day she got up in Church and read one of her poems. The members were so amazed of her gift that she became the Church poet. When a program is held at the church; they would ask Lorrie to read a poem or let them use a poem that she has written. Years later after Lorrie relocated from the area. She would run into a former church member and they will tell her that they still read her poems that she has written from years before.  All Lorrie has known to do is write poetry. One day her best friend from High School Tammie Starr asks her to write an article about her life.  She told her she needed someone who knew her to write about her story. So that the first time Lorrie written an article for a magazine. A month later Tammie’s Story appeared in Simplemente Magazine(June/July 2014). After that Tammie trusted Lorrie to bring her story to light and she has written a few more articles on her that appeared in Magazines Like Queen Size Magazine (November 2015).  After the Queen Size Magazine was issued, Lorrie wrote articles for the magazine on other amazing people who had a unique story to tell.  Lorrie passion is to help others and to hear others. Her mission is to be the voice of the unspoken. Throughout the years Lorrie has volunteer her time serving as a Guardian Ad Litem/Casa worker that advocates for Children that are abused. As a Child abuse Survivor herself she realize that she didn’t have no one to advocate for her. “Children are a precious gift from God”. They shouldn’t have to suffer from any type of abuse. “God created us to love not hurt.” Not only is she the voice of the Children but she will speak out for anyone who is hurting.  Lorrie future goals is help diminish abuse that is happening around the world. Thru her writings she hopes people will gain awareness that abuse is not normal and it is ok to stand up for yourself


Creative Writing and Script Producer and Music Coordinator

Danielle Burton also known as Dani B was Born September 24, in Lynwood, California. Dani B is a singer, songwriter, actress, talk show host, mentor, and motivational speaker. She’s a Gospel and Inspirational singer whose styles range from R&B, Hip-Hop to Jazz and Neo-soul. Her musical journey began in 1991 she joined her first group. In 1997, Dani entertained crowds in Nagoya, Japan. In 2006 she and her family were featured on the reality show The Simple Life: Til Death Do Us Part, featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Her family became known as the “Christian Family”. In October 2008, the Diamond In The Raw Foundation had its first annual award called the Action Icon Awards. They requested Dani B to write two songs for the show, a theme song and a tribute song to a fallen stuntwoman who was receiving a posthumous award. Angela Bassett liked the dedication so much that she requested Dani B to perform it before she presented the award to the family. In 2010 Dani B performed at KJLH Gospel Fest at Knotts Berry Farm. Also in 2010 she performed at the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. Dani B has seven singles that reached number one in top 100 charts in the U.K. They were remixed in a variety of genres such as House, Breakbeat and Future Jungle to name a few. She has a music video of her single “All Believers” that can be seen on YOUTUBE. She is also the music minister of The Healing Pool for Pastor Kathy and Bill Davis. Dani B is approaching her 1 year anniversary as a Talk Show Host on her tv show “ Heart Of Worship’ Just As I Am” on The Way Tv.

Contact Info: I

nstagram: Dani_b_24

FaceBook: Dani Burton

Wardrobe and Fashion Director

Jazzmin Perez, born March 31, 1990 in Los Angeles, Ca, aspired to be in the world of fashion for as long as she could remember. She began creating and sewing at age 9 and at 10 decided she would become a designer, and make a difference in the World, by helping others. In 2013 she founded her line and Foundation “Jae Mikelle/ One Tree Nation” in order to see her dreams come to life. Having overcome sexual abuse as well as mental and physical abuse, she takes joy in mentoring the broken-hearted, abused, lost and afraid by providing assistance in overcoming the bad, restoring their faith, realizing their own self-worth and giving people hope as well as opportunity. Jazzmin is now a designer, stylist, runway coach, mentor, writer, director, etc. and spends her free time thinking of ways she can reach and help more people.

Instagram: Jaemikelle
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Accessorises Director 

Carol Lynn Sweets the owner, designer and Fashion stylist of and Sweets Vintage Clothing are located in Whittier California. Carol Lynn creates one of a kind handcrafted jewellery designs using Vintage and repurposed materials from around the world, and is an international stylist with her vintage clothing line Her unique pieces have graced Movie Stars, Television Stars, Rock Stars, Runway Shows, Beauty Pageants, Red Carpets, Photo Shoots and Charity Events from L.A. to New York and many parts of Europe…her designs have been published nationally and internationally in several magazines and her vintage jewellery collection is one of the largest in California. She is currently expanding her marketing to retail stores worldwide. Carol Lynn Sweets provides styling, clothing, one of a kind jewellery and fashion consulting for the film and television industries and she is actively working on several movies and television shows nationally and internationally. Carol Lynn Sweets practices responsible fashion by being eco friendly..repurposing ..reusing, rethinking and redefining the fashion industry to an all green environment that is friendly to the earth you can reach Carol Lynn Sweets on FB at Sweets Vintage Clothing or Carol Lynn Sweets Jewellery or on instagram  @carollynnsweets or on her web page at

Fundraiser and Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m  Lisa Birrel, a survivor of domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of my ex-husband he was sentenced summer 2016 to 7 yrs imprisonment he’s to be placed on sex offenders register indefinitely and liable to be deported back to West Africa. I attend coffee stop destiny Church, Leith where I met The justice Brand they truly touched my heart with work they do. I now have been volunteering at The Justice Brand since May 2016 where I make candles to sell to raise money to open an enterprise for women who have come out of Human Trafficking, sexual abuse and prostitution. I love it as it’s a safe environment where I’m learning new skills and helping others women.

Fundraiser and Events Coordinator

Shilla Zwizwai Shomai is a 23-year-old law student, personal life coach, motivational speaker, mentor & Founder of the charity Justice for The Silenced. Shilla uses her life experiences to create change in her community and in the world at large through speaking at conferences and building relationships with numerous organisations. As a motivational speaker, she uses her life experiences to challenge thus helping others to achieve greatness in life. As a mentor, she offers step by step support to young people from the moment they set their goals. It is Shilla’s belief that many people have abandoned or postponed their dreams, visions & plans due to fear, doubt and experiences from their past. Shilla founded Justice for the Silenced out of frustration from experiences of her gruesome past. Her aim was and still remains to support victims of Sexual abuse through the enhancement of their education, human rights & good health. Since registration, the organisation has been sponsoring children from underprivileged backgrounds using funds from donations & fundraising events. Shilla believes the passion she has can only live on through her passing it onto the next generation. Justice for the silenced is evidence that, if one learns how to channel anger correctly, they can use it as a driving force for positive change. This remains Shilla’s message to the world today.

Social Media Director.

My name is Civilla Morgan. I am an author, blogger, podcaster, and I am life insurance licensed.  I love to help others. In fact, I consider myself a professional encourager. I am truly in my element when encouraging others to be all that they can be; bringing out the best in people.

My passion for words and for writing, communicating, is a key part of my personality. Communication is key in every relationship. We just have to find our best form of communicating and run with it!

In my previous life, I worked in healthcare, customer service, hospitality, and financial services. In fact, I was a stock broker for several years. I continue to love the financial services industry and can talk for hours about the markets, and worldwide finance.  Yes, our planet is truly financially connected.

In my spare time, which hardly exists, I love to read, I love going to the beach, and I love to travel. I also love spending time with family, especially my three handsome nephews!

I’ve been writing since right around age 11, journaling and writing poetry.  As I got older, I started writing short stories. And then I wrote and published my first book in 2008. ‘Down Again’ was written for and about Christians who have fallen and needed to know how to get back into relationship with Christ. It is also for the non-Christian who would like to know how to get into relationship with Christ.  I wanted the fallen Christian and the non-Christian to realize that we all make mistakes, but the key is to get back up and keep trying.

My more recent book is actually a 31-day devotional, ‘21st Century Hannah 31 Days of Encouragement.’ This devotional is geared toward the woman (and the man) who are childless not by choice. I felt compelled in 2014, to create a platform to speak to and encourage those who wanted but could not have children. I believe it is my calling. My platform, podcast, all fall under the name

21st Century Hannah. It is my passion, and my compassion. I look forward to helping women and men on a global level, in all cultures.  I want them to realize that we can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life; although we could not have children.

Music Coordinator.

Lil Rockin G, real name Gerard Burton, was born in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in Carson, CA (a suburb of Los Angeles. He began his quest for music at the age of 3 by listening to the local R&B radio station 1580 KDAY. He began bugging his parents to purchase various songs played on the radio. Because of this interest, his mother bought him his first record player at the age of 4. That purchase was the turning point in this talented man’s life.

At the age of 8, he was introduced to Hip Hop and scratch mixing by a friend from New York. By the age of 10, the combination of this new genre of music plus the manipulation of music by scratching caused the inspiration that catapulted him into creating his own mixes of his favorite songs. He began creating remixes for his friends by scratch mixing and using a technique known as “Pause mixing”.

By the age of 15, his name was known all over Carson and all of the neighboring cities as the kid who could get busy on the turntables. Those skills landed him a spot and earned him top billing with the

Knights Of The Turntables. Shortly after getting in the group, they decided it was time to put out a record. The single was titled “Techno Scratch”. This single became very popular in Europe. The song made its way to the # 1 spot of the electro funk charts for several weeks. It made its way to several compilations including Electro Beats Vol.2, L.A. Beats, West Coast Rap… the first dynasty Vol.3, JDC Classics Vol.2 and Old Skool Hip Hop & Electro 4. It was also used in an underground hip-hop movie entitled “Wild Bunch: Story of A Sound System”. The follow up single, “Fresh Mess” and “We are The Knights”, proved to be hits as well.

After high school, Lil Rockin G left the group and began creating his own music. He teamed up with Dr Dre and Poetry-In-Motion and did the original version of the song titled “Killa Daytons”.

He met his wife Danielle shortly after that. She is a gospel singer that goes by the name Dani B. She enhanced his love for music because of her desire. She introduced him to one of the greatest producers of all time, Richard Perry. Gerard is currently under his tutelage.

Today he produces background music for various T.V. shows and produces soundtracks and scores for movies. He is also Executive Producer and engineer of his wife’s 1st CD The Prelude.

Lil Rockin G is one of those rising stars who is able to bridge the gap of most styles of music. He has 500 plus songs in his catalog. These styles include R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Electro, Modern Rock, Easy Listening, Dirty South, Westcoast Gangsta, Gospel and Orchestral Movie themes. With his disc jockey knowledge plus his producer and composer skills, you have a unique multi-faceted producer who can meet a diverse music need.

Music Coordinator.

Bradly Cooper, is a singer-songwriter from Canada, and since the age of 5yrs of age has been growing his music ability. He has also has a bachelor’s degree while serving in the army.
Brad, is currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland, while his girlfriend is at university. He could not miss the opportunity to let the people of Edinburgh hear his music. Over the Last year, he has become well know around the music scene in Edinburgh, and as far as Arbroath. He will be helping source artist.


Music Coordinator.

Jabulile Dladla is born South African singer and a former member of the 2 times Grammy winners Soweto Gospel choir.She she started singing at the age of 13 in her home town KwaZulu Natal.After ten years of travelling world singing traditional and gospel song with the choir,she moved to Canada ,in three months she self taught healed how to play piano ,in three months she started performing her organ composition in Sunshine ,inspired by the late Mirriam Makeba and Tracy Chapmen.She has performed in different private functions and festival as a solo artist goes by the name of Jabulile Dladla .In 2015 she was honoured with a recognition award by SAGE for those who making a difference in the community .She just collaborated with a Zimbabwean group on live performance while they were touring in Canada.She performed at the Mandela tribute event and many more .With a book on its way and more collaboration with different artist around Vancouver .

Technical and Video Management Coordinator

Sarita Callender began her career in the entertainment industry at the age of five. She has enjoyed decades of performing live.

Sarita became a published writer in her late teens and went on to win the Editor’s Choice Award two years running for outstanding achievement in poetry by her mid twenties.

Also in her teens, she discovered the world of independent movies. Unicorn ‘N’ Cobra Films initially began as a joint company between Sarita Callender and Ivory Ocean. Sarita came on board to write, to provide screenplay adaptations and assist in directing while Ivory was looking forward to producing. Sadly six months after Sarita moved to California to begin making movies with Ivory, he passed away. After taking time out to grieve and restructure Sarita came back as sole proprietor of Unicorn ‘N’ Cobra Films and has now added producer to her list of talents.

The Girl In a Coma is the first full length feature film.

Sarita resides in the Los Angeles area.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Arthur Callender office assistant at Unicorn ‘N’ Cobra Films



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