“…for the least of these…”

The Girl With No Name (for safety reasons). This girl was trafficked to Glasgow three times, twice she returned home to her family in Romania. Most recently to have a baby and keep the baby safe with her family. At last report she has gone back to Glasgow. Her whereabouts was not covered in the BBC Scotland News piece by Sam Poling. Possibly to protect her identity and ensure her safety. Featured in Humans for Sale written and reported on by Sam Poling BBC Scotland Airdate 10 May, 2017.

Anna from a safehouse in a secret location in Romania Anna spoke with Sam Poling on camera. “At 14 years old this girl was trafficked by a family friend, raped and forced into prostitution. Anna was raped four times a day for three months by men aged 50-70.”  When asked by Sam how she is putting her life back together, Anna said she is trying to forget and stays where its safe away from harm. (Ibid)

Savanna “is a 17 year old girl who was trafficked at just 13 and ultimately locked up in the house by this pimp and truly enslaved…” quote voiced by Nicholas D. Kristof. She was hospitalized for 9 months, spent 3 months in a group home and had just returned to her Mom’s house shortly before her interview for “A Path Appears” Documentary (c)2015 Show of Force in association with ITVS (“Part Two: Falling Through the Cracks”) on DVD. Aired on PBS in several installments in 2015. (Savanna’s story began by going online and she thought these men would buy her things “cause she was pretty”. She lost her virginity after a shopping trip with one of these older men, she really didn’t understand what was going on, didn’t realize, and then the man photographed her and put the images online.)

Rene was 11 and living in Nicaragua “When I was roughly eleven years old I became a degenerated wayward lad. I smoked marijuana, crack and basically drove my parents nuts. My dad and mum aren’t my biological parents; they adopted me and have raised me since I was a wee tyke. One day, when they’d come to their wits’ end, my parents made the brave decision of admitting me to rehab. Their desire for me was an improved attitude. And so I went… to Loa Quinchos.” (The resident thugs there would take whatever his adoptive mom brought with her when she went to visit Rene in rehab. One day he lost it and punched one of the smaller guys in the face, and then things really got bad.)”They wasted no time inflicting pain upon my torso. They punched me harder than they’d ever done before, they choked me, and tried to drown me in a creek which trickled past our home-away-from-home.It was a miracle I didn’t die that day. After the ordeal I cried and cried, and before hitting the hay I prayed and begged God to release me from my hell.(At first his adoptive parents did not believe him, until they started seeing the scars on his body. and then they got him out of there).Things were still rough for him though eventually he joined the Nicavangelists where they are taking good care of him. Here is a photo of him at age 15 when he first visited the Nicavangelists.  (note how shy and kinda scared his whole body language is here. He was the one with the red hat.). (the info for Rene’s story is from the Nicavangelists Blog post, I have permission from the group leader Jed Brien.)

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