Edinburgh Women’s Aid

Based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh Women’s Aid is a safe and friendly all-female organisation. We provide support and refuge to women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse.

2,500 women a year benefit from our services. So if you’re in an abusive situation, or think you are at risk of abuse from your partner or ex-partner, we can help.

Edinburgh Women’s Aid offers lots of different kinds of support, including:

  • Crisis line
  • One-to-one support and advice, either in person or by phone
  • Legal advice
  • Refuge in safe homes
  • Support when you have moved into your own accommodation
  • Support, if you find it difficult to get to our main office, through Outreach service

The Snowdrop Project

Snowdrop Project is the first charity in the UK to provide long-term, follow-on community support for survivors of trafficking.

We seek to empower survivors of human trafficking to live lives no longer defined by their past by providing whole-person centred support to help survivors live independently and pursue their dreams.

We dream of a future free from trafficking on every level of society. We long to see individuals set free from captivity, communities set free from the circumstances where enslavement and trafficking thrive and we are working to see society set free from the scourge of a crime that has gone on too long.

Justice for the Silenced

Justice for the Silenced is a charity born out of the need to give voice to victims of sexual abuse and rape.
Our mission is to provide a safe platform for victims of abuse to share their stories whilst being empowered through the enhancement of Education, Health & Human Rights.


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